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On-site testing & inspection are essential for delivering high-quality medical device PCB assembly

As part of a commitment to continuous improvement, Integrated Technologies Ltd (ITL),

a full service medical device manufacturing company, have expanded their electronic testing capabilities following the procurement of a TAKAYA APT-1400F flying probe test (FPT) system.

The APT-1400F system enables testing from low to medium volume, high complexity printed circuit boards (PCBs) at speed, with greater fault coverage, and increased throughput. It is predicted that the new equipment will increase their PCB output by approximately 93%.

On-site PCB testing and inspection are essential for delivering high-quality medical device PCB assembly. Year on year, assemblies continue to shrink in size while performance requirements and complexity increase. Testing and inspection of PCBAs throughout the design and manufacturing process provides engineers with an opportunity to identify defects and other issues that could potentially affect the performance of the final device.

A flying probe tester has high-precision needles that perform electrical tests to determine whether a PCB is functioning correctly or to identify any faults. Identifying and addressing faults and bugs at the earliest stage is much easier, less costly, and is an effective strategy that improves quality.

Tristan Lambert, Production Manager, at ITL, commented, “The investment in additional advanced testing capabilities further demonstrates our commitment to utilizing automated test equipment to ensure the safety, reliability, and longevity of medical devices. The flexibility, speed, and accuracy of APT-1400F is a step forward in our technological ability and enables us to provide quick and reliable manufacturing test solutions, and driving down lead times for our customers.”

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