• colinmartin7


Having spent the last 35 years in the business to business publishing and events industry I am itching to see live events open their doors again, in a safe, manageable and successful way.

The B2B events industry helps grow economies around the world. Events are the starting place for business dialogue, relationships and partnerships that drive commerce, generate turnover and profit for businesses, industries and governments.

It is imperative that this catalyst for business gets the shot in the arm ( pun intended ) it needs, as soon as possible. Event organisers must do all they can, along with the venues, ancillary organisations and operations that support them, to make this happen.

A solution that I have come across is an app based, remote testing service that can be used for exhibitors and attendees, before they even leave their homes and it can be fully integrated with the registration system.

The short video below explains how the process works.

As an organiser, you need to be sure that people attending your events are Covid free and this solution gives you that critical knowledge, before they are on site.

It's scalable to meet any numbers and it can be fulfilled world wide.

Some of the benefits that I see:

  • Organisers know that exhibitors and visitors are Covid free before getting on site.

  • Visitors can pre-register in confidence and if they prove positive for Covid they can cancel travel plans/accomodation in advance and save wasting valuable time and budget.

  • Organisers can be more confident of visitor numbers as pre-registered attendees taking a test at home, 72 hours before the event, are more likely to attend if they have a negative test.

  • Organisers can seamlessly integrate the Covid test registration process into their existing visitor registration system.

  • Exhibitors can make better informed decisions, way in advance, about investing in exhibition space, if they understand that high level precautions, such as this, are being employed by the event organiser.

  • Helps restore confidence in all stakeholders

Colin Martin