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How do you diversify your farm and bring in new income?

How do you diversify your farm and bring in new income? How do you make the most of land that may not be in use or farmed at present to make you an income? Energy Crops Consultancy Limited has the answers.

Neil Watkins is a leading specialist in growing energy crops. His many years of experience include successfully building one of the largest networks in Europe of numerous energy crop growers across the North of England and Scotland. Hundreds of farmers and land owners have been guided by his expertise from start to finish in land preparation, planting, crop management and harvesting. Several of the initial growers have even planted further new plantations after realising how much the energy crops have added to their farm economy and benefited nature.

Neil says, “I’ve calculated energy crops investments for hundreds of farms over the years, but I have also been on the buyer side and know how they think.” Being a pioneer in the growing of energy crops has given him a lot of real world experience and he is well acquainted with all the challenges that a grower may face. He has seen it all – from growing willow on wetlands in Cumbria to the exceptional harvests you can get on suitable arable land. “After guiding hundreds of farms into successful growing of energy crops, I have a practical hands on approach combined with expert knowledge of SRC willow wood crops and SRF (Short Rotation Forestry)”.

Over the years the ‘Grow Your Income’ project, pioneered by Neil Watkins, has achieved recognition by institutions like the Confederation of European Paper Industry and been given a Rushlight Award for Outstanding Bioenergy Projects. He has worked with many agencies such as DEFRA, BEIS, NFU, West Cumbria Rivers Trust, Farmers Network and helped run successful research and development industry academia with Rothamsted Research and many others.

Now as an independent advisor working for Energy Crops Consultancy Limited, Neil can evaluate exactly how an individual farm might benefit – or not – from growing energy crops.

Energy Crops Consultancy Limited will be able to provide you with the full package from advice to planting and maximising crop yield, then harvesting to end market along with all the natural capital benefits of biodiversity, carbon fixing, natural flood management, Improvement in water quality, providing a early source of pollen and nectar for bees and pollinating insects providing a good start, refuge for birds and small bank voles.

Energy Crops is a growing market that has been highlighted / recognised recently by the Climate Change Committee in their January report ‘Land Use: Policies for a Net Zero UK’ with one its key findings being to encourage bioenergy crops – expand the planting of UK energy crops to around 23,000 hectares each year. Can Neil’s expert advice make the difference for your farm?

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